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Are you visiting our site because you're experiencing something unusual in your home ?  Have you seen an Apparition, Shadow, something move by itself ?  Have you heard voices or feel like you're being watched or not alone ?   Has something unseen touched you or held you down while sleeping ?   It's ok we understand because we've experienced a lot of those things ourselves.   We will visit your home and find out what's going on, but first give us a call, 407-256-7811text or fill out the form below.  Our Services are Free and we just want to help your life get back to normal.  You're not alone in your struggle and we will be with you from start to finish.   Don't feel embarrassed  we've heard all types of issues, so you have a friend with BMP.  We are located in Dr Phillips, SW Orlando, Fl.  We'll find out what's causing the activity and remove it if you like.  

Services that include:  Minister  Spiritual Counseling, Home blessings and Home exorcisms and white sage cleansings, Paranormal Investigation, active Portals closed, Photography, EVPs, Outside 4 Boundaries  black salted , and  checked for Spirit attachments and removal.   Referrals to Professional Psychic Mediums, Clairvoyant Psychic  /Aura Repair/Healings, plus Shamans if needed ( they charge for their services ). We are a Team of Paranormal Investigators  ( Ghost Hunters ).  Our Team belongs to God. We don't use Ouija boards or conduct seances. We have 3 Ordained Ministers on our Team also.

After contacting us we will determine if an Investigation should be performed,  if so, we will schedule it at your convenience. Clients have the option to stay and participate, or leave . The entire Investigation should take approximately 120 minutes or less depending on the circumstances. CHILDREN  SHOULD NOT ATTEND.   All details will be discussed at time of contact.

We've been seen and interviewed on Miami  Ghost Chronicles  on YouTube, and RIP Podcast.

Proud Members of the National Paranormal Society and Paranormal   

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Many blessings,

Rev. Connie Meckes, Ordained Minister, Founder,Director, Home Exorcisms

Founded in 2015




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