HELP IS HERE !  Are you visiting our site because you're experiencing something unexplained ?   It's ok, we've experienced a lot of those things ourselves.  You're not alone in your struggle and BMP will be with you from start to finish.   You've got a friend with us.

We are a Team of Professional Paranormal Investigators  ( Ghost Hunters ) located in Orlando, FL.  Our Team will conduct an Investigation, gather evidence, determine the cause, and offer a solution.  We don't use Ouija boards or conduct séances.  ( Blood Moon Paranormal was founded on Christian faith and principals.  This Team belongs to God and only him do we trust and operate )

We've been seen and interviewed by Miami Ghost Chronicles, YouTube, RIP Podcast and host our own Facebook live show titled : Paranormal Corner.

Proud Members of the National Paranormal Society and Paranormal   

Also find us on with background check, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Many blessings,

Rev. Connie Meckes, Ordained Minister, Founder,Director, Home Blessings, Counseling

Founded in 2015



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